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390 Mooloolaba Road, Buderim Queensland 4556

Welcome to Buderim Crematorium and Memorial Gardens

At Buderim Crematorium and Memorial Gardens, we understand that saying goodbye is a deeply personal experience that encompasses more than just the formal service. That’s why we extend our commitment to excellence to include catering and facility hire services, ensuring that you can commemorate your loved ones in a comforting environment surrounded by family and friends.

Discover Our Tranquil Gardners

Experience the peace and serenity that our beautifully landscaped gardens at Buderim Crematorium and Gardens have to offer. Our gardens are carefully curated with a range of native and exotic plant species, each contributing to a calming atmosphere that is both comforting and healing. Whether it’s the vibrant colours of our flowerbeds or the soft rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze, every element is designed to bring you a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Our Facilities

Our facilities encompass a chapel that comfortably accommodates 100 attendees, set amid lush gardens and natural rainforest settings. The tranquillity of the surroundings offers a soothing backdrop for both intimate and large-scale funerals.

Personalised Memorials and Urns

At Buderim, we understand the importance of personal touch in remembering your loved ones. We offer an extensive range of memorial plaques and urns, each designed to provide a lasting tribute. Choose a memorial that resonates with the spirit of your loved one, and let it find its home among the quiet elegance of our various garden designs.

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Part of Premier Funerals Group

Buderim Crematorium and Memorial Gardens is proudly a part of the Premier Funerals Group. Our team of understanding and experienced staff is always available to assist you during these challenging times. With Premier Funerals, you can rest assured that your final farewell will be a meaningful and memorable occasion.

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