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How we can help you.


Buderim Crematorium and Memorial Gardens provide full and comprehensive cremation services as well as small and large farewells. Please feel free to discuss your needs with the friendly staff.


Set amidst the tranquil memorial gardens, the chapel seats up to 100 people.

Garden Funerals

Several locations are available amidst the native trees including large grassy areas, a pond-side retreat and reflection gardens.

Memorial locations

- Reflection Gardens

- Garden perimeter memorials

- Pond area memorials

Memorial types

- Recordia Garden 

- Columbarium Niche Wall 

- Border Memorials 

Other Garden Memorials 

- Native Tree Gardens

- Rose Garden 

- Archway Garden

- Chapel Garden

- Royal Terrace Garden 

Unique and varied scattering options available

Large range of Urns available

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