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Bonds and prearranged funerals, cremations and memorials.


Planning ahead is a natural thing for us all to do. Unfortunately, very few people plan ahead for a funeral or memorial because of the emotional cost. Such planning centres on a sad and possibly traumatic event in our lives, a time we are not looking forward to; a time of loss, and a time of hurt. Unless forced into the situation, most families often do not even discuss what should happen if someone they love dies.

When someone dies, decisions must be made quickly and these important decisions should be carefully considered in an unpressured way.

When thinking about funeral or memorialisation arrangements in advance, you are making, perhaps, the most caring and thoughtful gesture you can make to someone. You are left with nothing to do, no major costs to pay, and no decisions to make. With prearranging, you are ensuring that all your wishes are met.

These arrangements can be made by meeting with one of our staff either in the privacy of your own home or by visiting us and touring our facility and memorial gardens. Please contact us for more information.

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